Nuance Dragon Installation Error

nuance dragon support
Installing Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software may occur following errors.
Error 1: An internal error occurred. Please restart Dragon Medical.
Error 2: Com returned an unexpected error Dragon Medical appears to be running in windows compatibility mode we recommend disabling compatibility mode for the natspeak.exe program.
Error 3: Dragon naturally Speaking is in memory. Would you like Setup to close this application.
Error 4: Enter a new serial number in the fields below.
Error 5: Error 2753. The file natspeak.exe is not marked for installation.
Error 6: A serious error occurred while starting Dragon. Please try reinstalling the product to correct this problem.
Error 7: Some files or folders in the C:\ProgramFiles\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking12\Program are locked. Please unlock them or reboot the system and try again.
Error 8: The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications. Please ensure that the applications holding files in use are closed before continuing with the installation.
Error 9: Failed to launch UI Automation
The speech engine returned the following error 166.

Dragon setup requires elevations, Please run setup.exe from the installation source.

Dragon can’t complete the current action because your User Profile is damaged. Please refer to the help for information to resolve the issue on Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon has encountered an internal error.
what application were you using when this happend
what were you doing when this happend
documents/dragon/support/troboubleshooting folder.

Dragon may have opend it for you. Please attach it to the email.
This email will help us further understand what caused this issue but does not go to our technical team. Click the button below to contact Technical Support

Open the Console application by typing “Console” into Spotlight or navigating to “Application > Utilities ->”
Click on “User Reports”

Dragon Has reached the maximum amount of speech data that can be saved. You may continue dictating but some speech playback may become unavailable. To increase the disk space reserved for playback data. Please see Data tab of the Options dialog.

Cannot find multimedia device. Check to see if your computer has a sound card, or if the multimedia wave-in components is missing from the sound card.

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